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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of strap do I need for my camera?

Made from high-quality full-grain leather, tanned and hand-finished in the USA, the Anchor attaches to your camera using Peak Design anchors. That means you get the quick-release functionality of a high-tech strap combined with a classic, vintage design.

Can a DSLR be attached to a backpack strap?

You can attach your camera to a backpack strap or bag strap, or even your trouser belt, by securing the Peak Design Capture Pro Camera Clip and sliding your camera in place. (The ‘pro’ in its name relates to its ability to carry larger DSLRs.)

Where are the double straps on a camera?

There are double straps for professional photographers who like carrying two camera bodies. These look like two camera sling straps worn diagonally across the body in an X shape. Alternatively, you may opt for two holsters hanging on both sides of the hips.

Which is the best sling strap for two cameras?

Yes, this strap has many features of a dual sling camera strap, such as tripod socket connectors (allowing you to carry the camera inverted by your hips), sliders, and safety catches…. but on top of all this, it’s the best leather camera strap for two cameras that simply oozes style.

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