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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy a vintage camera in NYC?

Here are the best places to buy vintage cameras in NYC. A favorite haunt of some of NY’s most infamous shooters, Fotocare has been selling cameras in NYC since 1968. Located at 41 West 22nd Street, this photographic institution boasts one of the most diverse collections of used and vintage gear for sale.

Where can I Sell my used digital camera?

You will have the choice of selling your equipment outright or leaving it for us to sell for you on a consignment basis. We sell used cameras, both digital and film. Accessories are also available for sale at fair market prices. Please call for questions about used camera inventory.

Where to buy a vintage 35 mm camera?

KM Camera is located at 368 Broadway in Tribeca and although its 5,000 square foot showroom boasts mostly digital equipment, there is a much smaller stock of used 35 mm cameras and darkroom equipment. But don’t let its website fool you, they carry much more vintage equipment than what is posted online.

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