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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Campbell's Soup been in business?

From our kitchen to yours. Over 150 years of making delicious, well-crafted soups, simple meals, snacks, and beverages for all. Committed to supporting our communities, building a more resilient food system, and making food that matters.

When was Pepperidge Farm bought by Campbell Soup?

Pepperidge Farm An American baked-goods company founded in 1937, it was acquired by Campbell's in 1961. The Pepperidge Farm brand is used by Campbell's to market:

When did Campbell Soup change its name to Batchelors?

In the UK and Ireland, Campbell Soup was rebranded as Batchelors Condensed Soup (UK) and Erin (Ireland) in March 2008, when the license to use the brand name expired. Premier Foods, St. Albans, Hertfordshire bought the Campbell Soup Company in the UK and Ireland, for £450m ($830m) in 2006, but was licensed to use the brand only until 2008.

What foods can you make with Campbell's Soup?

Get Inspired to Cook with Campbell’s! We have a diverse assortment of soups and chilis for you to try with your family. Whether it’s for you or if you have kids, Campbell offers delicious and fun snacks for the whole family. Check out our salsas, sauces, crackers, and cookies.

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