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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Campbell Soup revenue?

Campbell Soup Company revenueUS$7.719 billion (FY 2011)

Who owns Campbell Soup Company?

Today, the Campbell Soup Company (2007) is 50 to 60% owned by the Dorrance family. In the UK and in North America, the same varieties of condensed soups are sold.

What is the history of Campbell Soup Company?

Campbell Soup Company, American manufacturer, incorporated in 1922 but dating to a canning firm first established in 1869, that is the world’s largest producer of soup.

Where is Campbell Soup Company?

Joseph Campbell Company canned beans advertisement in the Saturday Evening Post, 1921. The Campbell Soup Company, also known as just Campbell's, is an American producer of canned soups and related products that are sold in 120 countries around the world. It is headquartered in Camden, New Jersey.

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