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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the first Campbell Soup?

Campbell Soup Company started in 1869, and first introduced the can of soup to the world in 1895. Here's a look back at how that can changed, and the company expanded to a family of soups, crackers, bread, biscuits, juice, carrots and smoothies.

What is the history of Campbell Soup Company?

Campbell Soup Company, American manufacturer, incorporated in 1922 but dating to a canning firm first established in 1869, that is the world’s largest producer of soup.

Who owns Campbell Soup Company?

Today, the Campbell Soup Company (2007) is 50 to 60% owned by the Dorrance family. In the UK and in North America, the same varieties of condensed soups are sold.

What is Campbell Soup revenue?

Campbell Soup Company revenueUS$7.719 billion (FY 2011)

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