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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the largest shareholders of Campbell Soup?

Malone, who lives in Coatesville, Pa., is the company’s largest shareholder, and sits on the company's board with brother Bennett Dorrance and cousin Charlotte Colket Weber, both of whom are billionaires, according to Forbes. The Camden, N.J.-based company currently has $8 billion in annual revenue.

What's the best price to buy Campbell Soup?

Here is the recommended buy write: Buy 100 CPB ($46.80 current price), and sell to open one contract of $47 January 15 calls. You should be able to do the entire transaction for a combined net debit of $45.75 or lower.

Who are the heirs to the Campbell Soup fortune?

as of 6/29/16. Heirs to the Campbell Soup fortune are descendants of one-time company president and owner John T. Dorrance, who invented the formula for Campbell's famous condensed soup in 1897 and took the helm of the company in 1914.

When was Pepperidge Farm bought by Campbell Soup?

Pepperidge Farm An American baked-goods company founded in 1937, it was acquired by Campbell's in 1961. The Pepperidge Farm brand is used by Campbell's to market:

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