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Frequently Asked Questions

What do FSU students do for a living?

College is an amazing time to discover more about yourself and what you're really into. FSU students are into a lot of different things, and have formed over 700 recognized student organizations to share their passions.

Where to eat on campus at Florida State University?

You can eat all you want at Suwanee Room and Seminole Café or grab a coffee between classes at Einstein's or Starbucks. Be on the lookout for new restaurants opening around campus and the new dining hall, 1851! At the newly opened Innovation Hub in the heart of campus, students have access to all the latest technologies and staff support.

What do Florida State students do for fun?

Florida State offers numerous other opportunities for students to engage with the global community, both on-campus and abroad. This includes programs such as First Year Abroad, Beyond Borders, Global Café, and International Coffee Hour. When class is over, it's time to play.

What can I do for free at FSU?

Play to win or just for fun by participating in one of over 50 intramural and club sports. Or, relax along the lake at the "Rez", FSU's lakefront property where you can sail, swim, sun, paddleboard, and more. It's all free for FSU students from Campus Rec. If you're looking for the true fan experience, Seminole Athletics are where it's at.

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