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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Swansea University campus?

Swansea University spans two stunning campuses at each end of Swansea’s waterfront. Singleton Park Campus is set in mature parkland and botanical gardens, overlooking Swansea Bay beach. Bay Campus is located on the beach on the eastern approach into Swansea.

What is the Swansea University mission statement?

Our mission is to educate students, engage the community, and enrich the Swansea University experience.

How do I contact [email protected]?

Please note: [email protected] will keep a transcript of all live chat conversations that take place, to be stored in line with GDPR guidance. If you have any student money related queries, please email us at [email protected] Students must use their student email when contacting any of the [email protected] emails or staff.

What does international @Campuslife do for international students?

Here at International @CampusLife we help students, and their families, with all sorts of non-academic problems. We are fully trained immigration specialists but will try and assist with any queries about being an international student in the UK that you might have.

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