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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Swansea University campus?

Swansea University spans two stunning campuses at each end of Swansea’s waterfront. Singleton Park Campus is set in mature parkland and botanical gardens, overlooking Swansea Bay beach. Bay Campus is located on the beach on the eastern approach into Swansea.

What is the Swansea University mission statement?

Our mission is to educate students, engage the community, and enrich the Swansea University experience.

What was the first subject taught at Swansea University?

Swansea University's foundation stone was laid in 1920 by King George V in July 1920, welcoming 89 students, of whom eight were female. Subjects taught from the beginning of the college were the sciences, mathematics, metallurgy and engineering.

When did Swansea University open its law school?

Swansea University opened its School of Law in 1994, in order to complement its departments in Engineering, the Sciences and Arts and Humanities. Known previously as the College of Law and Criminology, the School's name changed on 14 October 2017, as part of a ceremony including the conferment of an honorary doctorate on Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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