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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the frame rate In Camtasia?

The frame rate determines how many frames per second (fps) are shown to the viewer. Camtasia's custom production settings allow up to 1–60 fps. The default frame rate in Camtasia is 30 fps. If the recorded content has limited movement, such as a PowerPoint presentation, you can decrease the frame rate.

What does 30fps mean in video?

For example, 30fps means your camera records 30 distinct images each second. So what’s the difference between each frame rate? These days, cameras can offer an impressive range of frame rates. While no single frame rate is better than any other, it’s important to think about the effect you want to create in your video when choosing your setting.

What is the best video format to use with Camtasia?

MP4 is the default output in Camtasia and is a popular format for web-based delivery. AVI, MOV, or WMV are good choices for CD or DVD delivery only. Large video resolution can dramatically increase the file size.

What is 60 fps good for on a video?

60+fps – Anything higher than 30fps is usually reserved for recording busy scenes with a lot of motion, such as video games, athletics, or anything you want to show in slow motion. Video gamers record at this rate because there’s a lot happening on their screen at once, and more frames equals more detail.

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