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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the correct definition of can or can?

In negative constructions, can't or cannot is more common than may not; the contraction mayn't is rare: You can't park in the driveway. can but and cannot but are somewhat formal expressions suggesting that there is no alternative to doing something. See also cannot, help. 1. a sealed container for food, beverages, etc., as of aluminum]

What's the difference between can, could, and be able?

Can, could, and be able to are all used to talk about a person's ability to do something. You use can or be able to to talk about ability in the present. Be able to is more formal than can.

When to use can, could and may in a sentence?

When we talk about possibility, we use can, could and may, but they are different in meaning. … We use can, could and may to ask for permission. We use can and may, but not could, to give permission. May is less common: … When we make requests, we can use can or could (but not may). Could is more polite than can: …

What does it mean to put food in a can?

verb cans, canning or canned to put (food, etc) into a can or cans; preserve in a can (tr) US slang to dismiss from a job (tr) US informal to stop (doing something annoying or making an annoying noise) (esp in the phrase can it!) (tr) informal to reject or discard

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