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Frequently Asked Questions

How to do an ICAO number lookup?

On our website, you can already use the ICAO lookup to access all ICAO codes database and do an ICAO number lookup. Our clients are very broad, from booking agencies to tracking websites, they all use our ICAO codes download for their own reasons.

What is an international airport in Canada?

This is a list of international airports in Canada. As defined by Transport Canada, an international airport means any airport that situated as an airport of entry and departure for international air traffic, where the formalities incident to customs, immigration, public health, animal and plant quarantine and similar procedures are carried out.

What is ICAO calc?

Icao Calc Convert a US aircraft registration (N Number) or Canadian Registration (CF, CG, CI numbers) to the corresponding ICAO Address and strapping for various Mode S transponders, Satcom systems, and Artex Elt. Will also take raw ICAO Address input in Hex or Octal.

How many rows of ICAO Location Indicators begin with a?

Browse by NAME ICAO IATA You are viewing ICAO location indicators beginning with A: ICAO IATA NAME ADDE ALX Thomas C Russell Field AGAF AFT Afutara Airport AGAR RNA Ulawa Airport AGAT ATD Atoifi Airport 54 more rows ...

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