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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Canned Heat a classic rock band?

A ranking and review of the studio and live albums by classic hard rock band Canned Heat (1967-1999). I feel that Canned Heat are one of those legendary blues-rock acts alongside Hendrix and Cream that time has forgotten. Enjoy! 13.

Why did Canned Heat make a comeback?

This time the leaders of Canned Heat had a new motivation to make music; rather than their usual approach of attacking and reshaping old blues numbers into big explosive showcases, the boys wanted to dilute that carefree sixties Woodstock rock, into structured, poppy, radio-friendly numbers.

What is vintage Canned Heat vintage?

1970's Vintage contained some of the earliest known recordings from Canned Heat, before they had established themselves commercially, and before they had settled on a stable lineup.

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