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Frequently Asked Questions

How to turn a canopy into a tent?

If you have – check out the Ozark Trail 6-Person 10 x 10 Connect Tent for Canopy. What this tent allows you to do is turn your 10 feet by 10 feet straight legged canopy into a tent. It takes about 10 minutes to connect all the walls to the canopy, and obviously the roof of the canopy acts as the roof of the tent.

How does canopy work?

Canopy automatically scans every website your child visits and instantly blocks any that contain explicit images or videos. No exceptions. If a website contains a mixture of appropriate and inappropriate content, Canopy automatically detects and blocks the bad stuff without blocking the good – even within a single webpage!

What devices are compatible with canopy?

Canopy works seamlessly across most smartphones, tablets, and computers* including Apple, Android, and Microsoft operating systems. Manage up to ten kids’ devices from one admin account. See which devices are compatible. Families everywhere trust Canopy

Do I need Two people to set up a canopy?

Since the canopy can be big and awkward to move on your own, we do recommend having two people during the setup process. Once the canopy is upright, you can attach either one or two of the tents. The tents snap onto the canopy base, and a pole is placed into the back part of the tent to erect it.

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