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Frequently Asked Questions

What is canopy software?

Canopy is an entirely Windows-based suite of application modules designed for the Food Industry by Food Industry professionals. It was developed to address technology requirements unique to the Food Industry. This fully integrated ERP software solution is authored, sold, and fully supported by Aspen Systems.

What is the canopy level?

For forests, canopy refers to the upper layer or habitat zone, formed by mature tree crowns and including other biological organisms (neophytes, lanais, arboreal animals, etc.). The canopy level is the third level of the temperate rainforest.

What is a pop up canopy?

Pop Up Canopy. A pop-up canopy has many uses around the home. For everyday use in warmer weather, a pop-up canopy can be taken outdoors and set up as a place for shade. The shelter simply needs to fold out, if it’s a one-piece structure, or it needs to be assembled and the legs need to be held in place by anchors.

What is a portable canopy?

A portable canopy is strong yet versatile. Typical Portable Canopy Uses Portable canopies are shelters that can be transported wherever you need them. We have portable canopies which can be used as outdoor dressing rooms. The larger ones can be used for your cars, motorcycles and other outdoor equipment.

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