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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up an email account with caorda SMTP?

If you are using Caorda’s Outgoing Mail (SMTP) servers instead of your Internet Service Providers SMTP servers for sending email, please follow the instructions below. Start setting up the new email account by filling out the general user information fields like your name, email address and password.

What are the standard e-mail policies for caorda?

The following section outlines the standard Caorda e-mail policies which may differ from individual settings if special arrangements have been made with Caorda. Mailbox size is limited to 800 MB per mailbox. This amount includes all e-mail in all folders including inbox, sent items, deleted items, junk e-mail, etc.

Why choose caorda for Business Email hosting?

Whether it is a single email address or multiple email accounts for your entire business, Caorda’s business level email hosting options will have you covered. Caorda offers both POP/IMAP email hosting and hosted Microsoft Exchange solutions. All email hosting services are delivered from our Canadian Data Centre.

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