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Frequently Asked Questions

How to conduct a capacity assessment?

Steps for Phase IV: Conduct a capacity assessment Step 1: Review background materials Begin this phase by reviewing local, state and national resources that are available... Step 2: Determine the scope of your capacity assessment. Based on your goals for this process, the information available... ...

Who can assess capacity?

Any physician can evaluate capacity, and a structured approach is best. Several formal assessment tools are available to help with the capacity evaluation. Consultation with a psychiatrist may be helpful in some cases, but the final determination on capacity is made by the treating physician.

What is a Core Capacity Assessment Tool?

Core Capacity Assessment Tool. The Core Capacity Assessment Tool (“CCAT”) is an assessment instrument developed by TCC Group of Philadelphia in partnership with the New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits. It is the most comprehensive online survey of its kind and allows for a truly anonymous and confidential self-assessment...

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