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Frequently Asked Questions

What does capacity building mean to you?

So what is capacity building? - it's sharing in a vision, co-creating and empowering people in pursuit of that vision. It's checking in with them to see how they are doing and if they need more guidance, support or just feedback on their ideas. It's trusting that as a collective, the output is so much richer than any one individual can do.

What does capacity building mean?

Capacity building refers to those activities that fortify the knowledge, abilities, skills and behavior of individuals and improve institutional structures and processes by which the organization can efficiently meet its mission and goals in a sustainable way.

What are the elements of capacity building?

Commit for the long term. The ability to be successful over the long haul requires ongoing attention to organizational capacity - think of it as a sort of personal healthcare ... Co-create solutions with stakeholders. ... Strengthen the ecosystem. ... Support both technical and adaptive capacities. ... Ground capacity building in equity. ...

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