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Frequently Asked Questions

Why partner with capacity?

“We have been partners with Capacity now for over 15 years and they’ve clearly demonstrated that they’re there to help us scale our business to where we want to be, no matter how daunting the challenges.” “Our partnership we have with Capacity is exactly what we need and value when growing our brands in the US and beyond.”

Who is the VP of sales at capacity?

Nikil is the VP of Sales at Capacity and has been with the firm since 2009. Nikil has wide-ranging experience in the eCommerce and fulfillment space and focuses on developing customer-driven solutions for our clients.

Who are the co-founders of capacity?

With fellow co-founders Jeff, Thom and Allen, Arlen has been involved in Capacity’s growth and success from the start. He heads the Finance Department, with oversight of all financial, legal and HR activities.

Who is the director of operations at capacity?

Lawrence joined the Capacity team in 2018 as an Operations Manager and became our Director of Operations after his exceptional ability to lead was clearly visible. He has over 25 years of experience in operations and logistics, including working with DEA compliance and FDA compliance and training.

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