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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the Capehart 400 record player come out?

"Capehart 400 Series: In general this 'turn-over record changer' family was called Capehart 400 series from the beginning in 1931 and running 18 years - up to 1949, after the WW2 with turning changer 41-E instead of 16-E. They were made in 14 or 15 cabinet styles with at least 44 models, regarding the different seasons and chassis.

When did the Capehart record changer stop being made?

The Capehart 41-E Record Changer is a post war model, starting in 1946. The production ceased in 1950. Panamuse, a changer without "turn-over" mechanism. Models have no third number (hundreds).

How long has a record player been repaired?

We have been performing record player and phonograph repairs since 1962, and continue to do so. You might even say it is one of our many specialties. We have trained technicians coupled with the right parts that make for successful record player repairs.

When was the Capehart console phonograph and radio built?

I'd like to know the real value of this Capehart, model 111M2FM, S/N 18660E radio/phonograph. It was built in 1940-41 by Farnsworth Radio and Television. It plays 10 or 12 (I forget) 78s and plays both sides of the records.

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