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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the doctor at capital family medicine?

After completing his residency at the University of Virginia, he spent three years in private practice in Pennsylvania while instructing at the local residency program there. He has been practicing at Capital Family Medicine at Wakefield since its inception in 2003. Dr. Wagner provides care for all medical conditions in adults and adolescents.

How to contact capital family medicine urgent care?

If you are a current patient please log in to your patient portal account to communicate directly with your provider and their team. Call our office and follow the instructions. You will receive a call from the on-call physician within 30 minutes. Urgent care hours have been closed due to pandemic. Call our office and follow the instructions.

Where does Kelcey Meier work at capital family medicine?

Kelcey Meier earned her BS in Human Biology from N.C. State in 2013. She later received her MS in Physician Assistant Studies from Methodist University in 2017. Originally from Clayton, she returned to the Raleigh area to join Capital Family Medicine after practicing family medicine in Western NC.

Why did Elizabeth join capital family medicine team?

Elizabeth joined Capital Family Medicine after practicing Orthopedic Medicine. She is passionate about Family Medicine because it allows her to provide comprehensive care for patients of all ages and counsel them on lifestyle changes to prevent chronic illnesses.

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