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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a capsid and its function?

The capsid’s function is to enable a virus to attach to hosts. The capsid acts like a shell in order to protect the virus from various factors. Aside from protection, it also allows for the virus to attach to a host without being destroyed by enzymes in a body.

What is the function of capsid?

The capsid's main function is to protect the virus. That virus wants to attach to a host and get inside. It needs the capsid to make sure that nothing destroys the genome floating around inside of it. Remember, something so small is susceptible to a multitude of things that could destroy it.

What is the function of a capsid?

The main purposes of the capsid are to protect and package the genetic material and any additional peptides (enzymes etc) that are required to form a infectious virus into the virion.

Is capsid made of lipids?

The capsid protects the core but also helps the virus infect new cells. Some viruses have another coat or shell called the envelope. The envelope is made of lipids and proteins in the way a regular cell membrane is structured.

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