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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Capstar actually work?

Capstar is a short term treatment to get rid of heavy flea infestation and it is meant to work for 24 hours only. If you have a complaint that it is ineffective after 24 hours, then you are unaware about the working of Capstar . This oral tablet has an ingredient, Nitenpyram that target adult fleas on the pet's body.

What is Capstar used for?

Capstar or Nitenpyram (scientifically known) is an approved non-prescription treatment for cats and dogs that is available through veterinarians. Capstar is an insecticide that comes in tablet form and kills fleas to provide almost instant relief to your pet.

Is Capstar safe to use?

Capstar is a safe drug, but its very nature of activity prevents it from being used as a long term treatment option. Capstar is a very common treatment in animal shelters and veterinary clinics as it provides quick relief to the dog and helps get rid of fleas in the environment.

Where can I buy Capstar?

Where can I buy Capstar? Capstar is available without a prescription, so you can shop right here at Petco online or stock up at your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center . FAQs

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