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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I control my car with my car app?

Using the MYCAR™ app, you can control your vehicle doors (Lock/Unlock), remote start or Stop your engine and even find your current vehicle’s location. In order to use MYCAR™ on your vehicle, a MYCAR™ device and compatible remote starter must be installed onto your vehicle.

How do I activate MyCar controls on my car?

Your installer activates the MyCar Controls device: Immediately after installing the device in the vehicle, your installer will activate the device using a specific device serial number. You set up your account and activate your MyCar Controls smartphone app: Once your MyCar Controls device is installed, you can create your account.

How can I control my car with my Apple Watch?

Remote Start/Stop your engine, control your vehicle doorlocks and GPS locate your vehicle from your Apple Watch using the MYCAR™ watch app. Download the smartphone app and the watch app will automatically download onto your Apple watch. For more details, please visit

Is the MyCar controls app compatible with Android?

The MyCar Controls smartphone app is available today in the iOS App Store and Google Play store. It is compatible with all iOS and Android devices, including today's high-resolution devices. Can I control my MyCar Controls system from multiple smartphones?

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