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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of car control can I use on fivem?

LUXART VEHICLE CONTROL FOR FIVEM SERVERS This server resource allows for synchronized ELS-style siren control and features, as well as synchronized indicator and hazard lights. It has been in use on the High-Speed Gaming server for several months and has proven effective.

How to release a simple vehicle control script?

/trunk: Opens and closes the trunk. /hood: Opens and closes the hood. /rdoors: Opens and closes the two rear doors. (Mostly for use in vans) /engine <on/off>: Switches the vehicle engine on and off. /lock: Locks and unlocks vehicle doors. /save: Selects the current vehicle.

Who is the coder of Luxart vehicle control?

Luxart Vehicle Control is coded by Lt.Caine. Thank you to the FiveM developers for providing us with a great online platform we can all enjoy. ELS How do they do it?

Can you use Els cars on fivem servers?

You should continue because it would be great to use ELS vehicles on FiveM servers ^.^ Albo’s or Luxart can work with els cars, But all clients but Have an ELS folder in their GTA directory. And the most up to date ELS and AdvanceHook, The els XML files go in the ELS folder just like the LSPDFR version on els.

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