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Frequently Asked Questions

What food has high carbohydrates?

Unhealthy high carbohydrate foods include sugary cereals, crackers, cakes, flours, jams, preserves, bread products, refined potato products, and sugary drinks. Healthy high carbohydrate foods include vegetables, legumes (beans), whole grains, fruits, nuts, and yogurt.

What are some good and Bad carbohydrates?

Vegetables, fruits, grains, and beans are sources of good carbs while white rice, cakes, white bread, pasta, biscuits, French fries, burger, etc. contain bad carbs. Bad carbs are processed foods while good carbs are closer to the natural state.

What foods are carbohydrates list?

Carbohydrates are one of the most important food groups worldwide and examples of these foods include: Grains such as rice, wheat, barley and maize. Bread, pasta and cereal. Beans, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits.

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