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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Top Earning NHL players of all time?

Interesting animated bar chart race showing that 36 players and 1 commissioner appeared, in the past 25 years, in the yearly Top Ten NHL/hockey career earnings. Jaromir Jagr is #1 in total hockey earnings since 2002-03 and will be taken over in 2-3 years by Crosby and Ovechkin. How is your 401k/RSSP doing?

What is the salary cap for NHL players?

Under the latest NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement, no player could earn more than 20 percent of the team salary cap ($7.8 million). The team salary cap was $44 million.

Where can I find the salary of a hockey player?

A growing number of prehistoric (pre-1989) salaries are included. To find a player, type his last name in the HZP search box at the top. US$ - See for values in today's dollars.

When did the National Hockey League start paying players?

Here are several lists of National Hockey League players' salaries since the 1989–90 NHL season. This list does not include income from corporate endorsements or salaries before 1988–89 . This is a list of the twenty NHL players who have earned the most in salaries between the 1989–90 season and the 2020–21 season .

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