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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does PGA Tour pay?

Every PGA Tour event has a different amount of prize money available to distribute to the highest finishers. The purses in 2019-20 range from $3 million all the way up to $15 million per tournament. For a large majority of PGA Tour events, the winner will receive over $1 million.

Who has the most wins in the PGA Tour?

The man with the most career PGA Tour wins, Sam Snead, has 82 PGA Tour-recognized wins. Tiger Woods is three PGA Tour wins behind Snead for second place all-time with 79 wins.

How much do professional golfers earn?

How Much Money Do Professional Golfers Actually Take Home? According to the PGA Tour, during the 2020 season, the average Tour pro went home with a little over $1 million in cash winnings. If you have stopped reading this article and are already on your way to the driving range, I don't blame you. Not a terrible industry to be "average" in.

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