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Frequently Asked Questions

How does careercert help with emergency department training?

At CareerCert, we provide an easy, all-in-one solution for emergency departments and personnel. We’ll streamline your training, track your progress, report your CE hours, and send reminders to keep you on track. Discover the difference CareerCert can make in your training today!

How does careercert help you with continuing education?

Our support team is available to help you stay on top of your compliance, certification, and continuing education needs. CareerCert is trusted by thousands of EMS and fire chiefs, training officers, and personnel across the country.

Is the medic-CE certification now careercert?

We continue to grow our training and CE solutions, but our offering has expanded to include firefighting, emergency, non-emergency, and clinical training. As we’ve grown, Medic-CE no longer represents all that we are. So we’d like to introduce CareerCert: Your one-stop solution for all of your training, certification, and CE management needs.

Is the ACLS course at careercert good?

“CareerCert has given us the ability to rapidly put out information and rapidly evaluate whether certain members of our staff have viewed it. It is our go-to place for online education and information.” “CareerCert’s ACLS course and all the online materials are really, really good.

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