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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different careers in law enforcement?

There are four different law enforcement jobs: police officer, inspector or detective, private security, and management. All law enforcement jobs require training in state and federal law, a specific level of physical fitness, and ability to work rotating shifts.

What can you do with a law enforcement degree?

A:A degree in law enforcement will lead to a variety of jobs in the law enforcement sector. You can choose to work as a police officer, patrol officer, probation officer, or even consider applying in the FBI, CIA, and homeland security department.

What is the highest rank/job in law enforcement?

The Chief Deputy Sheriff is the highest rank to which you can be appointed. Your responsibility is to monitor the overall operations of the department and supervise the staff and to report directly to the Sheriff. In some cases, the Chief Deputy is referred to as undersheriff; The Sheriff is the highest law enforcement officer in the county. The sheriff is elected for the position and their duties include maintaining county jails, policing unincorporated areas, serving warrants and court ...

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