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Frequently Asked Questions

What are good jobs for sociology majors?

Typical jobs available to a sociology major include law enforcement agent, probation officer, correctional officer and public defender. As such, courses of study might include public administration, punishment, ethics and the criminal justice system.

What can I do with an associate's degree in sociology?

Value of an Associate Degree in Sociology. With an associate degree in sociology, graduates can and do enter a variety of occupational fields such as social service, counseling, advocacy, criminology, public relations and government service. However, this degree also functions as a stepping stone to more advanced ones in sociology or related fields.

Is sociology a good major?

Sociology is a great major if you're thinking about going into fields such as education, social work or counseling (MSW > LCSW), sociology (PhD), law, research, or perhaps graduate school for public policy or similar occupations. I should be clear about this, as an undergraduate of sociology at a flagship uni myself,...

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