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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best career aptitude tests?

The Best Career Aptitude Test. By far, the Highlands Ability Battery, THAB, is the best career aptitude test and produces the Most Comprehensive, Content-Rich, Compelling Career, Leadership, or Performance reports of up to 40 pages in length from assessing just 19 individual abilites.

What is a career assessment?

Career assessment. Career assessments are tools that are designed to help individuals understand how a variety of personal attributes (i.e., data values, preferences, motivations, aptitudes and skills), impact their potential success and satisfaction with different career options and work environments.

What is Career Assessment Inventory?

The Career Assessment Inventory – Enhanced Version assessment compares an individual's occupational interests to those of individuals in 111 specific careers that reflect a broad range of technical and professional positions in today's workforce.

What is a career interest survey?

Career Interest Survey. A career interest survey is a survey or a written questionnaire which is framed by career counselling centres or educational institutes to fathom the career choices or interests of different people so as to come to a conclusion about the common or popular career choices at a given time.

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