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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about CareerScope?

CareerScope assessment In addition to getting career counseling, you may be able to use CareerScope, an online assessment tool that measures your interests and skill levels and helps you figure out the best career path when you move into civilian life. It recommends careers you may enjoy and jobs in which you’re likely to do well.

How does the Department of Veterans Affairs use Careerscope?

In addition to Career Counseling, the Department of Veterans Affairs provides the interest and aptitude assessment tool known as CareerScope at no cost to all eligible benefit recipients. CareerScope has been used frequently by Veterans to determine the best career path for transition to civilian life.

How is IPA used in the Careerscope assessment?

The IPA objectively identifies each evaluee's most significant interest area preferences. This analysis is unique to VRI assessment products. The aptitudes measured by CareerScope are the most critical for today's high growth and high replacement rate occupations, as well as for the emerging careers of the 21st century.

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