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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the career source in Florida?

In General: The service industry offers the most career opportunities in Florida’s economy, while other notable sectors include manufacturing (8%), military and government services (12%) and farming (2%). However, tourism is now the state’s largest source of income.

What is career source center?

The Career Resource Center supports students in developing and achieving career goals that lead to meaningful lives. Navigate the map below to find out where students have had internships, been hired, or accepted into graduate programs. Menu can be found by clicking the square at the top left corner of the map.

What is Florida workforce?

Florida is recognized as a leader in workforce development in part becauseof its innovative, market -focused implementation of the Workforce Investment Act. In 2000, the state federal the Florida Workforce enacted Innovation Act, which established the current state workforce system, further defining roles and responsibilities among workforce boards to create a nimble, responsive and market-driven system to address state and local workforce demands, economic shifts and strategic priorities.

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