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Are there any good reviews on

Read reviews and complaints about CarGurus, including new and used car deals, personalized search, insights and more. Top 89 CarGurus Reviews Trending Car Warranties

Why is CarGurus price guide so wildly inaccurate?

This lulls the potential buyer into a false sense of the car's price so they won’t go to KBB or nada to accurately price the car, furthermore the price guide is wildly inaccurate being off by 2-3k or more. Car Gurus please fix this feature. Helpful 24 peoplefound this review helpful

How many cars can you find on CarGurus?

Founded in 2006, CarGurus has catapulted from a simple online forum to one of the most definitive automotive research and sales sites with over 5 million listings of used, certified pre-owned, and new cars. It has similar tools for browsing based on make, body style, price, and type of listing within a zip code range.

Which is the best car listing site nadaguides or CarGurus?

CarGurus strictly renders its services around Cars, boasting over 5 million listings where users can buy or sell their vehicles. NADAGuides leverages data points to provide one of the most accurate vehicles and pricing information around Cars, Motorcycles, Powersports, RVs, and Boats. Learn more below.

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