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Frequently Asked Questions

How does CarGurus help you find a good car?

CarGurus gave me the information that I needed to make sure that I was getting a good deal. It's definitely the filters on CarGurus that make it easy—you can choose exactly the configuration you're looking for. CarGurus put everything in front of me so I could figure out what the right price was for the car that I was looking for.

How much is a used car on CarGurus?

By the way they didn't want to move all the cars for a test drive unless I purchase the car. Very unprofessional, car was listed for 18k, when I called to get the out the door price they told me they want 30K.

How long does it take to list a car on CarGurus?

Listing your car or truck takes only minutes. Our pricing tool and communication channel will help you reach the broadest audience. In the meantime, make sure to verify your driver’s license and setup your payment method to speed up the process.

Can you finance a used car on CarGurus?

Financing a used carthrough a dealership is easy—and you can even start the process online, right here on CarGurus. Tell us some details, get your pre-qualification, then shop online with real rates. Once you find your dream car, head to the dealer with confidence and tell them you’re pre-qualified on CarGurus.

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