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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Dell Community Forum not working?

There is a delay in responding from our side due to long leaves and then the community forum was down. Request you to try reseating IE and check if it works. If this doesn’t work then request you to try following the below steps: (2) Select Internet options. (4) Select HTTP 1.1 settings and check both options below it.

What to do if your webcam is not working on Dell laptop?

Open the Driver tab and select Update Driver if your driver needs updating. If you want to uninstall the driver, after Step 3, right-click on the cam name and choose Uninstall Device. In a pop-up window, select the box and click on Uninstall to confirm your choice. After the driver is uninstalled, restart the laptop.

Is there a Support Center for my Dell laptop?

If you are using Dell devices, including computers and notebook you can download and install Dell applications for optimizing your Windows machine. One of them is Dell Support Center or Dell SupportAssist.

Why is my USB not working on my Dell Computer?

Your Dell computer may be experiencing a USB-related issue if you notice one or more of the following symptoms. USB device that is not detected or recognized. USB device is working intermittently. Error message that is related to USB driver. Error message that the USB device is performing at a slower speed.

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