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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about is a website who says that their goal is to make online car shopping more transparent by giving consumers access to a free shopping engine which instantly analyzes millions of car listings and shows you the best deals.

Is the CarGurus website a consumer advocacy organization?

Ok lets get something out there: CarGurus is a privately owned website that is financed by subscriptions, car dealers pay to use its listing service. It is not a consumer advocacy organization or regulated to subscribe to consumer protection laws. It is an informational search engine for consumers.

Can you write a negative review on car Gurus?

Car Gurus will not allow negative reviews for the dealers that advertise on their website. I found a car on car gurus, called the dealer made arrangements for dealer to take the car to my mechanic and he agreed. I checked the next day and the dealer did not take the car and stopped taking my calls.

Is it good to post your car for free on CarGurus?

The app has received solid performance ratings. Being able to post your car for free on is definitely advantageous for the seller; however, buyers should be aware that it may not be as advantageous for them.

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