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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need to know about Carlon electrical products?

Since their inception, these products have earned the approval of many industry organizations. At Carlon, we continue to develop products that make installations and upgrades easier and provide a long and service-free life for our end users.

What do Carlon Conduit bodies and enclosures do?

Carlon ® products set the standard for non-metallic indoor and outdoor boxes, conduit bodies and fittings, enclosures and more. These premium products continue to supply the industry with innovative ideas, easier upgrades and a long, service-free product life.

How old was Tory Carlon when he died?

44-year-old firefighter Carlon was reportedly shot and killed just before 11am at Los Angeles County Fire Station No. 81. According to authorities, the firefighter had worked with the department for over 20 years. The motive of the shooting is still under investigation.

What kind of elbows and fittings are Carlon?

Carlon® Non-Metallic Elbows and Fittings: The most complete line of non-metallic elbows and fittings in the electrical industry, with products designed for use above and below ground.

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