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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Carvana a good deal?

Carvana is a good fit for those who: Dislike negotiating for a used car. Want to shop rates with only a soft credit pull. Have bad credit; no minimum credit score is required to apply.

How much does Carvana pay?

Salaries at Carvana range from an average of $47,375 to $108,185 a year. Carvana employees with the job title Software Engineer make the most with an average annual salary of $84,426, while employees with the title Data Scientist make the least with an average annual salary of $66,692.

How does Carvana's car vending machine work?

How do Carvana's Car Vending Machines work? To pick-up a purchased vehicle at a Carvana Car Vending Machine, the customer simply drops their custom coin (which they receive upon arrival) into the Car Vending Machine's coin slot, which then illuminates the coin receptacle and activates the automated vehicle delivery system.

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