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Frequently Asked Questions

How to become a case manager in Maine?

Case Managers are required to meet a variety of training and staff qualification requirements. How do I get one? If you are eligible for Adult Developmental Services but are not enrolled in MaineCare, OADS can provide you with Case Management services.

What does a case manager do for Health and Human Services?

They work with individuals, families, service providers, and other agencies to create a Person Centered Plan (PCP) based on a comprehensive assessment of each individual’s needs. In addition, Case Managers assist individuals and parents or guardians in navigating the service system.

Is there an online quiz for case managers?

The CCM Quiz App is Live! CMBOK is an online resource tool developed by the Commission for all case managers and other health care professionals across all practice settings. Push Pause. Simple words…not so simple to do.

Which is the best network for case management?

CMLearning Network® is THE learning hub and network for information about the current and future practice of high-quality, patient-centric case management services.

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