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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the job description of a case manager?

Case Manager Job Responsibilities: Accomplishes clients' care by assessing treatment needs; developing, monitoring, and evaluating treatment plans and progress; facilitating interdisciplinary approaches; monitoring staff performance.

What does a case manager do?

A case manager is a type of social worker who provides services for individuals or families to help them deal with complex circumstances. These individuals work toward a goal of helping people live the highest quality of life possible. To do so, they work closely with clients to identify their goals and needs.

What does a life insurance case manager do?

A case manager is a trained insurance professional prevalent in the healthcare industry, who presides over a patient or client’s account primarily in the areas of long-term medical care, life insurance and annuities. A case manager also coordinates and manages patients care in hospital, home, rehabilitation, mental health, and managed care settings.

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