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Frequently Asked Questions

What can a case manager do for You?

Your case manager can assist you and your family member to identify your needs through the level of need assessment and planning process, to gain access to supports and services to meet those needs, and to monitor progress and evaluate the quality of supports and services.

When do you meet with your case manager?

Within two months of the initial visit, your case manager will meet with you to develop a plan of services, called an individual plan (short version), for your family member. For individuals age 18 or over, your case manager will complete a Level of Need Assessment and Screening Tool, designed to assess your family member’s level of need.

What should I sign with my case manager?

Your case manager will ask you to sign an “Acknowledgment of the Notice” form which states that privacy information has been shared with you and the “Notice of Liability” form which was sent to you when your family member was determined eligible for DDS services.

How is a case manager assigned to a family member?

Once a case manager is assigned to your family member, he or she will contact you within a month to schedule a time to meet with you and your family member. During this initial visit, your case manager will share and gather information.

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