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Frequently Asked Questions

When is case management day?

National Case Management Week 2019. National Case Management Week 2019 (NCMW 19) is October 13-19! This year's ACMA theme, Case Management: Setting New Standards For Care was selected to emphasize the impact professionals in case management make every day.

When is national case manager day?

Celebrate National Case Management Week. The week of October 10th is National Case Management Week. Case Managers around the world will be recognized for their dedication and commitment to Case Management. Being case manager is a unique profession requiring certifications.

When is case manager Appreciation Day?

In conjunction with National Case Management Week, Wednesday, October 10, is Accredited Case Manager (ACMTM) Recognition Day. This day is in honor of case managers who have chosen to validate their competency in case management by achieving the nationally-recognized ACMTM certification.

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