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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the job description of a case manager?

Case Manager Job Responsibilities: Accomplishes clients' care by assessing treatment needs; developing, monitoring, and evaluating treatment plans and progress; facilitating interdisciplinary approaches; monitoring staff performance.

What is the job of a case manager?

The specific job duties of a case manager vary depending on setting. In general, case managers provide comprehensive care and coordination of services for clients and patients while they are under the supervision or care of the agency or facility.

What are the qualifications for a case manager?

Case Manager Qualifications. Preferred qualifications for a Case Manager include a Bachelor's or Master's degree in health, human or education services and one year of case management experience with HIV+ persons, and/or persons with a history of mental illness, homelessness, or chemical dependence.

What is a professional summary of case manager?

Professional Summary. Versatile Case Manager with extensive experience in the mental health field. Ability to counsel, motivate, monitor and track client progress. Specific expertise and knowledge of community resources that provide families with the assistance and service they need.

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