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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good case manager?

Successful case managers are self-motivated and critical thinkers. They are often skilled in conflict and time management, able to multi-task, flexible, and able to analyze information and set achievable goals for the patient.

What are case managers responsible for?

The case manager serves as an advocate for the patient or victim to ensure he or she is treated fairly and that resources are made available. In a domestic violence shelter, for example, the case manager is also responsible for the safety and security of the clients.

What are the duties of a social service case manager?

Job Description for Case Manager, Social Services. Social services case managers are in charge of managing case loads. In this task, they listen to clients' issues and work to met their needs.

What are the duties of a RN case manager?

RN Case Manager Responsibilities: Conducting intake assessments with patients and families. Ensuring that families feel sufficiently equipped and supported. Developing individualized treatment plans that account for physical, financial, and other constraints. Adjusting treatment protocols, as needed. Suggesting and coordinating appropriate follow-up services to promote wellness. More items...

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