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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of a case manager in healthcare?

A case manager is a trained insurance professional prevalent in the healthcare industry, who presides over a patient or client’s account primarily in the areas of long-term medical care, life insurance and annuities. A case manager also coordinates and manages patients care in hospital, home, rehabilitation, mental health, and managed care settings.

What are the duties of a hospital case manager?

The duties of a case manager in a hospital or other type of inpatient or outpatient medical facility are varied, but typically focus on patient care and the proper use of resources available. Case management jobs in this field require a person to monitor patient care while working with a team of doctors and nurses.

What is a behavioral case manager?

Behavioral health case managers are social workers who coordinate treatment plans for people with issues such as substance abuse, eating disorders or mental illness. They assess their clients’ overall mental states, help them set long-term goals and connect them with the resources they need to successfully manage their conditions on their own.

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