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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the iPhone 6 LifeProof case fit the iPhone 6S?

While some cases for the iPhone 6 will also fit the 6s, this isn’t true for all case models. Case in point: LifeProof’s excellent waterproof cases for the iPhone 6 aren’t designed to be cross-compatible with the 6s.

Will iPhone6 cases work on the 6s?

Yes, iPhone 6s cases will work with the iPhone 6, and vice versa. Goodbye, iPhone 6-branded silicone and leather cases. Apple has already begun updating their Apple Store displays in preparation for this Friday's iPhone 6s and 6s Plus launch, and one casualty: A surprising lack of "iPhone 6"-branded cases.

Can you use iPhone 6 cases on the iPhone 6S?

There's a good chance your iPhone 6 case can fit on the iPhone 6s. If you're using a silicon or leather case, your case probably has stretched a little with age, so it may fit fine on a new iPhone 6s. Hard-shell cases are a different story-they'll probably fit, unless the fit is already very tight on your iPhone 6.

How do I make my own iPhone case?

Making an iPhone Case From Duct Tape Consider crafting a custom iPhone case out of duct tape. Measure the width of the plastic screen cover. Take the iPhone out of the slipcover. Put the iPhone back into the case. Cut four strips of duct tape, each as long as the height of your phone. Attach the duct tape to the slip case.

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