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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the reviews for Casetify phone cases?

For this Casetify cases review, I’ve found that there are rave reviews for this tech gear brand. Trustpilot gives it a 4.1/5 star rating while Amazon shows a 3.4/5 rating. The general consensus with Casetify’s phone cases is how trendy and beautiful their designs are. “I love your products and they are sooo aesthetic!!

Which is the best case for an iPhone?

This Casetify cases review showcases some of their popular phone cases: The classic clear case is an iPhone must have. There’s no shame in going back to the basics, but you want some coverup to prevent the risk of scratches. But let’s be real, the clear case can come off as boring, and nobody cites it as the most protective case for your phone.

How big is the iPhone X Case case?

Casetify’s iPhone X case offers protection and is certified 2x the military-grade standard. This means the phone case can withstand drops of up to 6.6 feet. The cases also feature a beveled edge to protect your front screen as well.

How tall is the impact case from Casetify?

Their impact cases are designed with a two-layer construction of qitech™ material, and it is 6.6 ft drop test approved. Casetify sells custom phone cases, Airpod cases, Apple watch bands, tech gadgets, and cases for iPads and MacBooks. This Casetify cases review showcases some of their popular phone cases:

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