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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of food is at Casey's gas station?

Always have gone to Casey's in rural areas, the never disappoint. Clean stores with great food...pizzas excellent, breakfast pizza especially. Also good sub sandwiches. They actually put a lot of meat on sandwiches. Ice creams good... oh and you can fill up ur car.. one stop.

Is there a Pizza Hut across the street from Casey's?

Words can't express how impressed I am with their pizza, with natural ingredients and cheese and while I love Dominick's Pizza across the street, I love Casey's pepperoni choice. The Pizza Hut in Carpentersville hands down can close up shop, and Casey's will be giving the local Dominos Pizza locations a run for the money.

How many miles to drive to Casey's gas station?

Start your review of Casey's. I'm a subscriber of the midwestern mindset that if its less than 400 miles to travel someplace, you will likely drive the same amount of time (or more) dealing with the hassle of flying.

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